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“Yet To Come” introduces a heartwarming concept to BTS' anthology album, PROOF. On this light alternative hip-hop track, BTS speak about how the past may consist of the best moments in life, but the greatest moments will come of their path.

The song’s second title, “The Most Beautiful Moment,” references the groups' 화양연화(The Most Beautiful Moment In Life) album series and story concept that explains life hardships from teenage years to adulthood—the youth—which is one of the most beautiful moments in life and should be appreciated more.

The music video showcases BTS' in a variety of scenes in a primarily deserted island, while many of these scenes references the sets of their previous music videos and trailers releases.


Digital Editor Pdogg
Mixing Engineer Josh Gudwin
Recording Engineer Pdogg
Rap Arranger Pdogg
Vocal Arranger Pdogg
Gang Vocals RM | SUGA (슈가) | ​j-hope
Background Vocals Jung Kook (정국)
Synthesizer Pdogg
Keyboards Pdogg
Video Art Director Hansel Martinez
Video Director Of Photography Hyunwoo Nam (GDW/Mother)
Video Director Yong Seok Choi (Lumpens)
Vocals Jin (진) | SUGA (슈가) | ​j-hope | RM | Jimin (지민) | V (뷔) | Jung Kook (정국)
Composer Pdogg | RM | MAX | Dan Gleyzer | SUGA (슈가) | ​j-hope
Lyricist Pdogg | RM | MAX | Dan Gleyzer | SUGA (슈가) | ​j-hope
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