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Imagine Dragons

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“Warriors” is a song written and recorded by American alt-rockers Imagine Dragons.

The band wrote and recorded the song alongside Riot Games for the 2014 League of Legends World Championships. The event is a tournament hosted by Riot Games for high-profile League of Legends, competing to determine the best team in the world.


Producing Editor League of Legends
Orchestrator Riot Games Music Team | Sebastien Najand
Publisher Josh Mosser | KIDinaKORNER | Universal Music Group
Guitar Wayne Sermon
Bass Ben McKee
Drums Daniel Platzman
Vocals Dan Reynolds
Mastering Engineer Joe LaPorta
Mixing Engineer Manny Marroquin
Recording Engineer Josh Mosser | Riot Games Music Team | Christian Linke
Arranger Riot Games Music Team | Sebastien Najand
Composer Dan Reynolds | Wayne Sermon | Ben McKee | Daniel Platzman | Josh Mosser | Alex da Kid
Strings Christian Linke | Riot Games Music Team
Label Interscope Records | KIDinaKORNER